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  • Martin



    MARTIN is unlike most vampire films. The closest I can think of is Abel Ferrera’s THE ADDICTION. It's most interested in the psychosis of being or believing in a vampire, whether real or imagined. It's also an apt portrayal of the decline of the rust belt and the working class losing their livelihoods. That might seem random for a horror movie but remember we're talking about a George Romero film.

    Martin is a young man just shy of 19 years…

  • John Wick: Chapter 4

    John Wick: Chapter 4


    There was no reason this had to be so long. Though judging from the rapturous reaction by the majority of users here it was warranted. If you like set pieces with characters who are like superheros but in suits instead of latex, I suppose you’ll be happy as a clam. I grew tired of it. In the past two weeks we’ve gotten sequels where violence doesn’t effect people; it barely even seems to cause pain. Characters just keep moving or…

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  • Valley of the Dolls

    Valley of the Dolls


    I knew this was supposed to be bad but wow! I hoped it'd somehow end up being one of those "misunderstood" films. Unfortunately it lives up to its reputation. What's worse is it's actually quite dull. Though the last hour picks up a bit. The truly awfully miscast Patty Duke actually saves the film from tedium. She's out of control. Sure her performance is cringe-induing but oh so entertaining. Her vicious take down of Susan Hayward is camp heaven worth…

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    I forgot to log this a few weeks ago.

    So many intriguing scenes get hampered by Lars Von Trier's self-indulgent philosophizing. Sure there are some interesting ideas here but I didn't need them telegraphed with voice over. The footage of massacres committed by political tyrants was sufficient enough. A bloated running time doesn't help.

    This should've been right up my alley. I saw it when it came out and wasn't impressed. Thinking maybe I missed something, I decided to try…

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  • Glass Onion

    Glass Onion


    Immediately dated (pandemic jokes), too clever by half and indulgently overlong, Rian Johnson's follow-up to the refreshingly clever and entertaining Knives Out, fails to live up to the hype made by festival audiences. Or it could just be me? Chances are I'm an outlier here but I couldn't wait for it to end.

    While there are plenty of funny moments and the actors do well with what they're given, spending two plus hours with most of these characters is a…

  • Fresh



    Very distasteful but not in a good or even offensive way rather an eye-rolling one.
    There’s an apparently “meet-cute” at a grocery store that I found cringy. Then there’s the tired Black best friend trope (make her Lesbian for bonus points). While chatting with her needy white friend, who tells her she got laid, she yells “get that D” while at work. Oh how hilarious. I’m just not on this film’s wavelength. I found the humor, shall I say, hate…