Gummo ★★★★

After watching the Harmony Korine saga on David Letterman, where his off camera actions towards Meryl Streep got him banned from the show. I had the urge to push myself and watch Gummo, one of his most infamous works. It’s weird, because while I can’t say I liked this movie, I found every scene so fascinating to watch, due to the documentary esc approach of following people far removed by society. It’s rare to see something that’s full on original, and I think Harmony created Gummo in this way because due to the editing, the film feels like a raw strung together aesthetic than an actual film. With the weird and strange way this looks, the strange atmosphere driven by music and a script performed in its most raw form, took over me and creeped me out. Using non actors made this so much more effective and disturbing in many parts. It’s something that I know many don’t  like, but  it’s something you should experience at least once.


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