Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

From hand dildos to hotdog fingers Everything Everywhere all at Once is one ridiculous ride of a film. The Daniels while paying homage and parodying a bunch of noteworthy films let this film play out firstly as an action movie. Being fast past paced, action packed and only slowing down to create emotional beats. This film secondly plays out as a really great comedy relying on visual gags and pieces of dialogue that mock how absurd this concept is. Despite all this fun this film is emotional delivering and hitting its message no matter where the characters are within the multiverse. Michelle Yoh is the star encapsulating each of Evelyns variants as a different person with different life experiences. Stephanie Hsu kills her role as Eleanor Evelyn's daughter, she encapsulates the generational trauma that she is faced with. While being an absurd film The Daniels play this film in every way they can letting the ridiculous and heartfelt moments coincide together without ever feeling over shadowed  by their opposite nature. Everything Everywhere all at once has it all and definitely needs a rewatch.


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