Shame ★★★★

Gazing at ones self through the window on the train, he’s as murky and as stained as the glass itself.

A tale of self-destruction and self-reflection. 

Shame is a sub-textually rich but depressive portrait of how badly carnal desires and addiction can cripple you both emotionally and mentally. An exploration of how far one man is willing to go for his addiction and how much he’s willing to lose just to satiate the void or the need that’s instilled within him as a result. 

Michael Fassbender’s performance here is absolutely brilliant. He’s at times tender and vulnerable but he’s also sometimes villainous for lack of a better word and I think that’s the perfect analogy of addiction as a whole. How it can break you down and how it can also lead you to break others down. How it can lead to loneliness, grief and a dilapidation of relationships.

Phenomenal score too. A perfect accompaniment to this odyssey of emptiness that Brandon embarks upon.

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