Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★

That inevitability was dreary from the opening minute. My only hope was that this film would get us that point only after allowing us to acknowledge the actuality of who Fred Hampton truly was. Something that’s almost a huge ask considering Hollywood, especially recently, has a history of sanitising the politics of guys like Fred much like that trashcan Sorkin did with his depiction of the subjects portrayed in last years Chicago 7 film.

And this didn’t really disappoint although one wouldn’t be wrong if they claimed it tread a little lightly. But in my eyes that’s wholly forgivable considering the film is pretty much operating within the confines of a genre biopic. The team behind it were great and Shaka King’s direction was superb. Hampton and the plight of the panthers in the 70’s as-well as the treachery of the Bureau’s COINTELPRO which led to his indiscriminate murder as he slept on his bed was done justice and a lot of that is also attributed to Kaluuya’s phenomenal performance. I’m as loud as anyone when it comes to singing the praises of both he and Lakeith yet I’m still astounded at how brilliant they both were.

Career best performances from both.

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