Ivan's Childhood

Ivan's Childhood ★★★★

The quietness of war, where the echoes of fear and fire are equalised by the long languid cries of a memory lost in the past. The battle of men seen through the lens of innocence. There's an almost ambient feeling amidst the chaos that's ever apparent in the background and it almost seems as if it's an edifice of the soldiers at the time: they're vengeful, quiet, they're broken.

Tarkovsky's camerawork and shot selection in this film is incredibly lucid and reinforces it's poetic nature. There's a layer of subtext behind every scene, behind every face. Various shots which convey the harsh nature of war in such a beautiful and meditative way. Such is the power of Tarkovsky. Really glorious filmmaking here.

18x4 Director Challenge | 🇷🇺 | Tarkovsky (1/4)

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