Cruella ★★★½

I expected to thoroughly dislike Cruella but thankfully was very pleasantly surprised.

The cast is stellar top to bottom. Emma Thompson really dominates the film despite her character’s entire purpose being to get upstaged at every turn. She’s a villain of the highest order and the camp factor really pushes the character of The Baroness to some lofty heights. 

Speaking of camp, Cruella has it in excess and isn’t afraid to really lean in at times. For being a movie with minimal plot movement through the second act, I was still very entertained by the antics and the overall behavior of the characters.

+half star for Wink the eyepatch dog. Wink and Paul Walter Hauser really contributed a ton toward my overall enjoyment of the film itself.

It is way too long, though. I feel like most scenes/montages could have been pared down a bit, but none were entirely unnecessary if I recall correctly.

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