Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs ★★★★½

I love how absolutely stripped down this film is, alllowing Quentin Tarantino's brilliant script to take front-and-center. What many peg to be a self-serving testosterone fueled gangster wank fest, actually turns out to be a playfully irreverent take on the sub genre archetypes; it's joking, and almost satirical.

Everyone is fatally incompetent at needing to be all the things that would allow for a successful heist (Joe's carelessness being the set off for a hilariously devastating domino effect) and at the end, as Harvey Keitel's fresh out of prison Mr. White is left holding his wounded comrad, and is let in on an ego-shattering secret, Tarantino rubs it in extra fucking hard, leaving the tough guy to sob away like a petulant man-child.

First time I saw Reservoir Dogs as a teenager, I was shocked by it's violence, enamored by it's cool demeanor. Now, as an adult, I laugh pretty hard at what I consider to be the funniest film in Tarantino's filmography. It's for different reasons today, but I love it just as much as I ever did.

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