Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★★★

Is this a zombie film? A wildlife documentary? A political news reel? All three? Hell of the Living Dead (Night of the Zombies) is an exploitative patchwork of stock footage, stitched together with riotous incompetence in the form of a zombie film, which borrows liberally from better made zombie films (tell me if you recognize the score). Everyone is a caricature of archetypes found in the sub-genre's best work. The law enforcement dudes are basically the three stooges doing a cops and robbers skit. The obligatory science expert is an empty-headed scream machine that practices....naked... anthropology. This professional subset provides some of the cringiest, most ridiculous sequences in a film that's a treasure trove of them. Remember when Ace Ventura tried to infiltrate the Wachootoo tribe? Well, that. But naked, serious, and with more zombies. Slow zombies. The slowest fucking zombies ever. Zombies so slow that some of them just say fuck it midway through a "chase" and drop down from boredom. And even when they do catch up to their target, they're too exhausted to do anything. One scene has Moe running directly into a large group of apathetic undead, making "awoooga" noises, practically shoving his limbs into their faces, and is met with absolutely no consequences.

No, the only way you die in Night of the Zombies, is if you're ensnared in an Austin Powers Steamroller bit, trading the human will to live with that of a lemming. These moments will destroy you. I promise.

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