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Hello, my name is Jeremiah. I love movies. Sometimes I make them. Let’s be friends.

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  • Hellraiser



    Cenobites show up and play white elephant with the souls of some very unlikeable individuals. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes I suppose. 

    Hellraiser wasn’t bad at all. I even often liked it, but it definitely tried its best to stop that from happening. Not the least of which was its needlessly bloated runtime, something I could have forgiven had it actually added anything of value to the story. 

    And that’s really my main gripe with the film; it doesn't…

  • Wasted Potential

    Wasted Potential

    So, this was really stressful to make. 

    Couple months ago an acting class buddy of mine (co-director Zachary Hatch) approached me with the desire to collaborate on a short film; something I was already keen on doing after I completed my sequel to Cat Sick Blues Sick Blues (known now as CSBSB). Unfortunately that project was (and still is) taking forever to get through and I wasn’t about to put the opportunity to team-up with a pal on hold just…

Popular reviews

  • Blue Spring

    Blue Spring


    Blue Spring is devastating. Amplifying the angst-filled emotion which propels much of the high school drama contained within, the film whiplashes the viewer from contention to contention, promising a dizzying and highly turbulent cinematic experience.

    "People who know what they want... they scare me."

    I'll be honest, I struggle to put into words the affecting nature of this film. There's this overbearing sense of desperation, misguided anger, and muted cry for help that add up to create an incredibly bleak…

  • Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones

    Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones


    Yikes, what a drop. Nevermind that buddy doubles down on the defense of some nasty ass people and some nasty ass viewpoints, but the shit ain't even that funny. Mostly it's just Dave cracking on the "audience" for cancel culture (which, I understand; sometimes it feels like there's no room for redemption), but he picks all the wrong people to prove his point.

    Once we get past the first half, things pick up with some chuckle-worthy anecdotes on gun ownership,…