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  • Star Trek Into Darkness

    Star Trek Into Darkness


    Another one I was fantastically wrong about. I remembered being (#hashtag) too long, and specifically the final action sequence being comically bloated. I expected to give this 2.5 stars on the rewatch.

    I'm just on the edge of having this at 4☆, and I might come back and do so.

    That final sequence is is pretty long, it never drags. They break it up with (effective!) moments of emotion, and damn if they don't land.

    This was great to revisit, and I'm thrilled to have been gifted a new film I enjoy.

  • Knock Off

    Knock Off


    Wow! This is so fantastically bad! I had a great time watching this unbelievably stupid and cheesy late-90s piece of absurdity.

    In some ways, this is the spiritual father of the later Fast & Furious films, and while the action is appropriately and hilariously over the top, and there are unfathomably sexy women randomly inserted into every scene, everything is SO MUCH DUMBER! It's amazing.

    Thing is, I don't think this is supposed to be funny-stupid; while I was laughing nonstop,…

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  • Disturbing Behavior

    Disturbing Behavior


    Okay, this was really fun.

    After a bit of a sloppy opening that had me worried, it completely bounced back to be cheesy late-90s teen "horror" goodness.

    The music, the final confrontation, the ending! This was a lot of fun.

    P.S. it's very easy to see why half the guys in my peer group were obsessed with Katie Holmes.

  • The Lawnmower Man

    The Lawnmower Man


    Alright, the premise is clearly insane, but I'm okay with that: I watch movies where people can fly, too.

    The CGI looks completely terrible, and they shouldn't have used it so much before they could competently execute it, but hey, it was a weird time in film.

    But the real weakness is just how bonkers the story gets. Nothing makes any sense at all.

    Still kind of a cool revisit from my tweenage years, and I remembered shocking amounts of the film.