Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

Rian Johnson's crackling whodunit is less concerned with the expected "whodunit" and moreso with fleshing out every detail hiding within this mysteriously well crafted narrative that allows it to serve up a more deliciously satisfying and altogether involving experience whose ultimate secret weapon is one that alludes the audience: the illusion that we know everything.

Yet to get overly hung up on whether or not the final reveal is all too predictable would neglect the fact that the reveal isn't supposed to be at all surprising. It's the way that it all unravels - in a delectably humorous and satisfying monologue from a clearly self-reveling Daniel Craig that brings this donut full circle as Rian Johnson's crackling and razor sharp screenplay fires on all cylinders and brings it's star-studded mystery to a finish.

With an ensemble playing totally against type and reveling in the opportunity to play some devious characters combined with a script that somehow juggles between subtle, yet pointed commentary, a backwards-forward mystery, and strong attention to detail, Knives Out is even better the second time around, a fun adventure to follow for all involved.

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