Horse Girl

Horse Girl ★★½

It's one of those strange cases where the premise is admittedly enticing and the lead actress does everything in their willpower to make it work but the summ of the end product doesn't do much to support either the central performance or the strength of it's ambitious endeavors. In it's attempts to explore the state of a mind fading quickly into madness - or not - the film rings up some very interesting ideas and concepts and of course Allison Brie more than lives up to the task. Her decision of a fragmented woman suffering from mental illness is truly heads and shoulders above anything the film deserves and serves as the film's genuine anchor and visually, it can look quite unique and appropriately disorienting.

And yet, the film fails to ever take hold as it barrels towards an ending that's as underwhelming as it is understanding. The chief issue is that its framed in such an uneven and messy screenplay that fails to actually delve too much into any of the random themes and concepts that it haphazardly throws at the wall. Its an instance at times of a film being so preoccupied with the "idea" that it never realizes how to tell such an idea.

See it for Allison Brie. She deserves all of the praise.

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