Hereditary ★★★★★

I don't care what anyone says. "Hereditary" really is one of the most haunting movies in years. Theres no jump scares, no audio spikes, and no unnecessary character cliches.

No, the true horror in the film lies in how real it is. So grounded in familial tragedy and grief is it, in its stark and gritty realization of how a family deals with the loss of loved ones and hidden secrets lying right beneath out very noses that it strikes such a terrifying chord and somehow allows it to already be tense without the need to incorporate any elements of otherworldly nature.

When it does happen, it's effective because while the series of events seems so properly executed by the family itself, we learn that it was by forces beyond their control, and that no matter what they did, the family was always doomed to end up the way they did.

"Hereditary" is a 2 hour rollercoaster, slowly building up it's rough characters and carefully layered narrative, until it all boils over revelation after revelation into a creepy ephemeral of doom and supernatural realization, only amplified by an unsettling musical number, uncompromising imagery, and startling performances from its ensemble cast.

That this film is being overlooked this awards season is an utter travesty.

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