Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★½

teetering between absurd and poignant, there's something both insincere and sincere about this movie. some of the humorous points didn't really hit and made the larger message a bit ridiculous, but at the same time the rock scenes which was also a bit absurd hit me at first. the usage of multiverse to convey this mother-daughter conflict struggles at the beginning to form as it originally takes this weird fantasy angle, but after it establishes what's happening it settles down well.
while i am still wary about such mother-daughter conflicts in relation to asia, despite the deliberate chinese party with all the red and the food etc, to me there really wasn't anything 'asian' about this film besides the use of asian actors. on one hand i want true asian american stories to be said, but on the other hand here it worked out as it made these stereotypes less obtuse (asia being equated to being not progressive against lgbt issues, the 'work hard' mentality that poc are portrayed to have, the family communication difficulties etc all existed but it didn't feel explicitly 'asian' especially with the way the father is shown).
i'm also honesty a sucker for multiverse concepts ("i saw my life branching out before me like the green fig tree in the story") and while it didn't play out like the way i'm particularly fond and used to -- it resembles the matrix more in a way -- there was still something very enjoyable to me about seeing the entirety of the world and its timelines and still finding meaning in it. still a bit messy in its execution despite its beautiful cinematography and nicely fitting soundtrack, it was still enjoyable and the two hours went by well.

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