Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

you can REALLY tell this was written by a man because the female love interest has no clear motivations that make any sense whatsoever and the only distinct personality trait she has is “has slept with 33 men” lol. this was cute and pretty funny at some points but GOD I just can’t get over how poorly written carrie was! really just left the worst possible taste in my mouth! and I really shouldn’t be surprised by the invocation of Bury Your Gays™️ seeing as though it was 1994 but like....damn that shit hurted 😔 I really did love the pleasant surprise that was david’s character though! it’s not very often that you see deaf / hard of hearing characters in film, much less ones who are relatively important to the story, so that was something I really enjoyed—plus the romance between david and serena was, while minor, one of the only ones I legitimately rooted for lmao

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