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  • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
  • Malignant
  • Army of Darkness
  • The Lighthouse

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  • Killer Book Club

    Killer Book Club


    "The end."

    I can excuse heavy influences, we know horror is a constant recycling of themes, but when you rely sooo much on your inspirations it just becomes a bit lazy really.

    At least in Scream they were listing some films, where are my horror slasher book recs please?

  • House on Haunted Hill

    House on Haunted Hill


    Adventures in Horror thrifting #5.

    "This house is pissed. It has no morals, coz it's a fucking HOUSE!"

    Pritchett, my beloved 🤗❤️

    Honestly, I adored this. Every time I get to discover a 90s horror that was trashed by the critics and the audience, I'm almost guaranteed to have the time of my life. The atmosphere, the cast and their at times questionable acting, the soundtrack, the dodgy CGI... My happy place.

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  • Some Like It Rare

    Some Like It Rare

    Frightfest Glasgow 2022.

    "So, who's the meat now?"

    Ah yes, french comedies, using every oppressive joke in the book and labelling it as dark humour.

    One star for Marina Foïs.

  • The Whale

    The Whale


    "This book made me think about my own life."

    LFF 2022.

    The guy behind me after the screening being like 'Oh wow I haven't almost teared up for a film in years!'

    Meanwhile me, sobbing through the credits, in the toilets, at the Pret terrace, forever 😭😭😭