It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two β˜…β˜…β˜…

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IT Chapter 2 is a big bloated fucking mess but I still like it.

Both times I've watched this I've absolutely loved the first hour - the reintroductions to the losers club and Pennywise all these years later works so damn well in my opinion. Each of the losers is perfectly cast (so perfectly I still can't get over it 2 years later) and seeing them reunite and slowly remember their past is a lot of fun. Pennywise still creeps me the fuck out too in his first two scenes - the river and the baseball game, although unfortunately that doesn't last for the rest of the film.

The first IT worked so well because it wisely knew what to keep from Stephen King's original novel and what weird stuff just wasn't going to work. IT Chapter 2 doesn't seem to be able to make up its mind about this though. It wants to bring Henry Bowers back but won't fully commit to giving him anything important to do. It wants to cover the more supernatural and cosmic side of Pennywise but won't fully embrace that either.

Ultimately what we get is a bunch of storylines and character arcs that never quite manage to coalesce into one coherent story - something that the first IT did so perfectly.

But at least what you can't say about this movie is that it's lazy or unoriginal. They try a lot of stuff. Does all of it work? No. But I respect that they didn't just basically remake IT (2017) but with adults instead of kids.

I wish this movie was better, but in the end I'm reasonably happy with what we got. It does just enough to work as a sequel to that first movie but damn I just can't stop imagining this movie being as great as the first.

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