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  • Sullivan's Travels
  • Written on the Wind
  • The Apartment
  • All About My Mother

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  • Dottie Gets Spanked

  • Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story


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  • Dottie Gets Spanked

    Dottie Gets Spanked

    Just watched this a month ago, but this time in a theater!

    Those dream sequences must have been so fun to shoot and design.

    The next day, I was at a poster sale and spotted a rare "Dottie Gets Spanked" lobby card. I nearly bought it before I saw that it was like $200.

  • Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story

    Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story


    Blessed to see this in a theater (and restored)!

    It's more didactic than I remembered (and Exhibit A for my take that to understand Todd Haynes is to understand that he studied semiotics at Brown), but still very affecting.

    "Close To You" is one of the best songs ever.

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  • She Said

    She Said

    Solid one of these journalism movies. They work for me as intended.

    There's a line I found funny where someone's recalling a Weinstein incident and says something like, "Harvey was in a meeting with Scorsese, who hated him" just to make sure there's no way the viewer might get the wrong idea about Marty.

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    Who is the guy that gives Mary's boring suitor the key to make the pool open?! Why does he care?!