Cruella ★★★½

I'll come right out with the biggest 'flaw' of Cruella: Pick a fkn side, Disney 🤣

Albeit, hero / villain & protagonist / antagonist are character labels intended to guide audiences; to make it easier for them to root for or against characters in a story, who are likely neither all "good" or all "bad". But these labels are [were?] especially important in children's stories. We wouldn't want young minds to mistakenly empathize with the wrong characters...characters jaded into nonconformity. God forbid, our innocent children identify with fictional idols who threaten norms & standards that reinforce the natural order.

Cruella, as audiences understood her in both 101 Dalmatian movies, is a miscreant who not only hates dogs, but is willing to have dogs & endangered animals murdered in the name of high fashion. In Western culture, that's ice cold - without a doubt EVIL. & As a kid, what would others have thought of you for looking for the good, caring about, or liking a character like that?!? Negative reinforcement: clean up on aisle...wherever that kid is.

But Cruella in Cruella isn't evil. She's strong - a survivor. She's also a miscreant, but not the bad kind. That'll be $30, Disney subscribers 🤣

Ok my rant is done because I actually quite enjoyed damn near everything about this film. Minus a bit of draggy lag in the 2nd act, this film is a smorgasbord of delectable treats for the eyes & ears. A bandwagon soundtrack of undeniable tunes of the 60s & 70s, & exciting style across the entire production of costumes, characters, sets, & props. The acting is solid, too.

Does the story make sense in congruence with the character of Cruella De Vil? Nope. Is it because Disney pretends to play both sides, but is truthfully still curtailing & discouraging deviance? Yes.

Was this movie well-made & highly entertaining? YES


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