C'mon C'mon

C'mon C'mon ★★★★½

"Be funny, comma, when you can, period."

Objectively speaking, C'mon C'mon is cinematically excellent. The cinematography, lighting, set design, on-location cityscapes, sound design, score, editing, & acting are all flawless. Its effortless perfection as a motion picture production epitomizes why I love film, & many cinephiles will likely concur.

However, sophisticated technicalities only go so far, & I believe that the viewer's relationship with or appreciation for children will determine their level of fulfillment & satisfaction with this particular piece. Though I'm not a parent, aunt, guardian, etc., I'm lucky enough to have been a teacher in my semi-recent adult life. I won't pretend like kids aren't terribly annoying - they definitely are / can be, & I was glad to send my students back to their parents at the end of most days; HOWEVER 🤣 working with them taught me a lot about who I am, how to be myself (& get over myself), & more (most?) importantly, what love is & why it's everything.

So yeah, I'm biased.
Biased & enamored...& frankly really surprised that a b&w film titled C'mon C'mon starring Joaquin Phoenix & Gaby Hoffman that's predominately set in Los Angeles & NYC could be so real & unpretentious 🧐


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