Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong

Can't remember how many years it has been since I went to an IMAX showing let alone a 3D one. Really thought it was a nice experience, even though this seems to be a „one-time-only-on-a-big-screen-with-huge-speakers“ type of thing once again.

This is clearly a King Kong movie as Godzilla is portrayed as a soulless villain which felt like a strange evolution from the most recent Godzilla movies. It's not really Godzilla vs Kong, it's more of a King Kong sequel with Godzilla as the bad guy which isn't even a bad thing, it's just the title (and especially the tagline) which is really misleading.

The special effects are cool and the sound mixing/editing is amazing. The screenplay and acting not so much, but that isn't what should be prioritized here anyways. Speaking of screenplay and acting, the whole Millie Bobby Brown subplot was not thought through at all and always pulled me out of the more interesting main storyline. Definitely should've scratched or at least majorly changed that.

Nothing huge but definitely an alright movie to go see if you feel like hitting the cinema at some point.

(also, we were both team monke. is there actually anyone who rooted for godzilla? i feel bad for them with the little screentime he got :/)

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