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This review may contain spoilers.

the movie truly shows the economic disparity that the world was in post ww2 as thousands were without jobs and barely made a living, we can also see how the movie shows us that there is no equality in the world and that sometimes life just isn't fair, Ricco called twice for people to help him stop the thief and both times he was ignored, then when he finally tried to get justice for himself and steal another bike he was instantly caught and barely avoided going to jail. I also thought that it was interesting that the son merely acted as a bystander and that there was no visible family bond during the entire time that they were searching for the bike which could be seen in the son falling without the father noticing and even almost getting run over by cars. Lastly, the way that music was being used in this film was very engaging as for every change in scenario there was the change in music this helped to elevate the hope that Ricco had but also show the disparity, additionally it always prepared the viewer for when a drastic event is about to happen such as the bike theft at the end where the music continually built up to the moment of theft.