Another Round

Another Round ★★★★½

TIFF 2020 • film five

A touching, depressing and really really funny look at alcohol, masculinity and personal expression. I really enjoyed very element of it - the script was sharp, biting, and bitterly comforting, the cinematography was dour and perfectly balanced, the music, when used, was really...effective. There's a dance number, be warned. Of course the heart and soul of the film lies in the performances, especially that of Mikkelsen, who's heartbreaking depressive solitude intermittently snaps into boyish enthusiasm, which is the point of the movie really, but also just really fun to watch. Its a heartbreaking good time, and I think a more thorough, interesting and refreshing look at masculinity and growing up than you get in most coming of age films, especially male-oriented coming of age films. Lemme just say, as a man who recently came "of age", there aren't many good ones, and this one made me feel more than most films of that kind.

And yes, I did cry during the tiff promo, why do you ask?

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