The Northman

The Northman

Hamlet: An epic retelling of the Shakespearean tale, with the added Robert Eggers absurdity. The fantasy slash horror portion work tremendously. And the movie looks amazing. I wish I would’ve watched it in theaters. It also has terrific performances. 

Vengeance: In the end it’s a revenge story. A man is set to avenge his father’s murder and rescue his mother. Things aren’t simple as he has to shed a lot of blood to get there. The movie is violent, gory and unapologetic about it. There are witches, black magic and references to mythologies, which are the best parts of the film, like I mentioned earlier. 

Haider: Robert Eggers excels in the fantasy and horror aspects of the film. The other stuff was rather simplistic. It is well shot and well acted but is longer than it needs to be. There is an Indian movie called Haider, an adaptation of Hamlet, I would like to recommend it.

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