Another Round

Another Round ★★★★½

It's very rare a film can portray a topic like Alcoholism in a way that feels so incredibly realistic and raw but Another Round is able to do just that. This film is about many things but really it's about four middle-aged men slowly going through a mid-life crisis and trying to retain their youth through life's simple pleasures. This story I think is going to be relatable to many but especially in regards to the way it portrays the group's experiment. The film recognizes that Alcohol while can be a very dangerous addiction can also be very enticing and really showcases why someone would be so drawn to it. But the film also isn't afraid to shy away from the negative effects it can have on an individual. All four of these men's stories are very distinctly different and I found myself so invested in all of them but Mads Mikelson really carries this entire film and gives by far one of his most emotionally resonant performances yet. The film is also surprisingly a lot of fun at times and it's something that really will keep you engaged in the story especially once things start to take a darker turn. With some truly stunning and visceral cinematography, a joyful score, and what may be one of the most captivating endings of the year, this absolutely is one of the best films of the year that should for sure be a sho-in at next year's Oscars. There have been many films aiming to do what this one accomplishes but none of them handle it as gracefully or with as much ease as this one does and as a result, we have nothing short of one of the most memorable and impactful films of the year.
Grade: A

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