Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★½

A genuinely funny and charming rom com that is held back by one major flaw - its central relationship is the hardest thing to root for out of everything in the film. Much has been said on social media about Aubrey Plaza's character, all of it very accurate, but it's also an actual flaw in the screenplay (especially in this genre) that the central relationship doesn't fully track through the obstacles that pop up throughout. As such, the supposed emotional romantic catharsis at the end just doesn't feel particularly cathartic or satisfying.

Nevertheless, this still manages to be a really great piece of entertainment, backed by a witty script and a strange array of characters played by an all star cast - I'm especially happy to see Mary Holland, a stalwart of the improv scene, get to co-write this and give herself the most Mary Holland role ever. I'd certainly love to see us get to a place where mainstream queer storylines aren't centered on the experience of coming out, but that general desire doesn't discount the value that this film brings. There's a lot of heart in this story that makes it a very worthy entry in the rom com genre, and it's the type of lighthearted fare that is refreshing to watch right now.


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