Mank ★★★

Weirdly got dialed in to whatever broad-ass voice Oldman was doing. What a fun surprising score from Reznor and Ross! What cracker-jack dialogue in parts! And when Seyfried shines we all shine. And while Charles Dance rules he is very old and every picture he does I think to myself "Is this...the last Dance?" :)

I'm too basic to not think large parts of this were exceedingly dull! I wanted to care more about 'ol Mankypants than I did.

And why did the most visually striking director of his generation do such weird half-measures with the digital photography + the 40s film-stock filters that ended up looking like garbled nonsense.

Maybe when I have a larger understanding of Hollywood history after I read the 4 books I've bought about it that are just dusting on my Kindle (thank u daddy bezos) For now, put this one in the 'ol Mankbank, a bank I may never return to! Three stars!

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