Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom ★★★½

Her bottom was just *clenches fist* black.

This was so boringly shot, come on man! Boseman gave us so much and George C. Wolfe said “let’s do steadicam, I’m tired”

Play adaptations don’t have to be this aesthetically unremarkable! The Social Network is basically a play and it’s zipping all over the place and visually striking. Waiting for someone to write a thinkpiece about how Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom presaged sneaker culture. Four stars!

My last watch of 2020! Well, what a fun year it’s been here on letterboxd dot com and virtually nowhere else! I’d like to thank my team, and all my friends that made watching movies at home such a lovey communal experience unstuck from time. What a nice way to connect with old and new friends through comments, recommendations, texts too hot for Lboxd public, and even the zoom hang watches. The world feels impossibly big right now and Letterboxd helped make it feel small and a little bit safer. Love to all of you, my disgusting lil boxheads! ❤️ 🎥

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