C'mon C'mon

C'mon C'mon ★★★★★

Oh man, relentlessly tender! Belongs to one of my favorite drama sub-genres of nice people trying to be nice to each other and not being very good at it all the time but really trying! There’s a lot of dignity granted to the inner lives of these little short kings running amongst us. What Mills does with the radio interviews and books strikes me as refreshingly ego-less, ceding the idea that anything he could write would be more interesting. It was really overwhelming to me, the sensation of a friend you trust who can’t stop telling you about the things they love.

Very jarring to see Prince of Nastiness Joaquin Phoenix be warm in a way he hasn’t approached since playing the high-waisted phone-fucker. Some of those scenes with the Dessner Bros score going off and the camera slowly pressing in to peoples humanity felt like a sentimental equivalent to action scenes in tentpoles, set-pieces for softies. I love being a mark for someone trying to manipulate me in good faith. Press my freaking buttons dude let’s do it.

Look, I’m an uncle who works in podcasting. What did you expect? FIVE STARS!

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