Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading ★★★★

Kinda mean, right?

Everyone is so dialed up and wild, Brad Pitt is legitimately very funny not just hot guy funny. I should probably binge all the Pitt movies I haven’t seen yet now before it’s too late.

Frances McDormand’s extra-ness during the Three Billboards awards run has shifted my perspective of how she plays her characters. It used to feel compassionate, now it feels very condescending! I don’t believe the woman who yelled inclusion rider has anything but sniveling pity for Linda Litzke. That’s on me tho, I don’t need to watch so much additional content, none of us do! Imagine if you only knew Alec Baldwin as the funny guy on 30 Rock and nothing else, you’d think he’s great!

Another worthy entry in the Coen Bros Nothing Means Anything canon, four stars!

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