X ★★★★½

Spooktober 2022 (I'll make a list and link it later unless I forget lmao)

I'll admit, I was turned off of this movie at first because the only other exposure I have to Ti West is The Sacrament which sucked shit and then seeing his smug dipshit face on his Wikipedia page (he's probably a lovely human being, I'm just a judgmental twat sometimes).

When I saw the love this movie was getting in my various social media circles, I just kind of assumed it would be a case of The Conjuring movies, where there's maybe some mainstream appeal but I still end up disliking the movie.

But here we are. Egg on my face. Eating crow. Getting served a big ole slice of humble pie. Etc. This movie was fucking great. A strong love letter to early slashers (or proto-slashers if you wanna split hairs), X doesn't try to reinvent a wheel that's been spinning for over half a century, but instead chooses to do its own dance down a trail that his been paved before it. It respects the movies that paved the way without being an outright ripoff, something that many films are too lazy to attempt, and few who attempt it do it as successfully as this one.

We spend just enough time with the characters in order to give their situation some context, and then we get a series of well-executed...executions. There's enough story to keep viewers engaged, and enough sleaze to keep em entertained, and that's what I'm here for.

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