Dracula: Prince of Darkness

Dracula: Prince of Darkness ★★★

2022 Cult Movie Challenge Week 40: Vampires

Spooktober 2022: Movie 7

I avoided giving Hammer Horror its own category in this year's Cult Movie Challenge because I tend to be unimpressed with them overall but here I am, watching one anyway. Christopher Lee even showed up to the set, read the script, and said 'nah' and just fucking winged it by hissing and moaning through the thing.

Truth be told it wasn't the worst Hammer movie I've seen. Hell, I couldn't even tell you what is because they all tend to be one drab looking haze in my memory. Overall, I didn't dislike this one. Not even sure why, it's just as by-the-numbers as the other ones I've seen, but for whatever reason I thought this one was tolerable.

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