Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

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This review may contain spoilers.


Loved how Raimi this one felt, and it goes even deeper than the usual things like Bruce Campbell and Delta 88 cameos. It had very Sam Raimi camerawork and style, and at times felt like it was venturing more into horror territory than into superhero fare.

The humor and lightheartedness that usually accompany these MCU movies dissipates for large chunks of this movie, and it can get overly serious and almost melodramatic at points. It's still a solid entry, and Elizabeth Olsen gets some much deserved time in the spotlight.

Some great cameos all around, but for a movie that builds itself upon the idea of infinite universes, it spends the majority of its runtime in just two universes with a couple of moments spent in others.

One of the better post-Infinity Saga MCU movies out there. With fan service to appease both Marvel and Sam Raimi fans alike.

Also, at one point in the movie, Dr. Strange turns a drink into red wine and Justin Hullinger leaned over in the theater and asked if he was Jesus. I predicted that he would later die and be resurrected and during the finale of the movie, Dr. Strange is a zombie. So I won that one.

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