Shame ★★★★½

“We’re not bad people, we just come from a bad place.”

Shame, desperation, obsession, loneliness; they all play a big role in this erotic drama, following a New York elite as he lives a double life while hiding his ever-growing sex addiction that only worsens his long list of personal issues. What started as a sort of fun, overly sexual story quickly turned into an interesting character study as it slowly reveals the secrets hiding behind its dramatic facade, à la American Psycho. Michael Fassbender’s character slowly goes in a downward spiral until he can hardly control himself. It’s clear he is goong through something far more painful than an addiction as his desperation grows almost as fast as his pain, and ultimately leads him to push away those closer to him; Fassbender beautifully mirrored that journey with his performance and the drastic changes he goes through as the story develops are almost palpable.
Even with the heaviness of the plot, it’s incredible how well it manages to do so much with so little. It might come off as empty and underdone at first glance, but the deeper you get into the deeper it drags you down with it, which only speaks to Steve McQueen’s direction and writing (with Abi Morgan). It becomes so arresting and overwhelming in a weirdly subtle way, that you don’t even notice yourself getting wrapped up in it until it’s too late. Harrowing and beautiful at the same time.

Don't you think that's sad? Don't you think that's sad?“

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