Sick ★★★½

You can always count on Kevin Williamson for some good old slasher chase scenes. Peacock's "Sick" is set in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, which will already be a turn-off for some viewers, but the way it was incoperated into the storyline is actually quite smart and works better than in some similar movies.

The lead characters are not really that interesting or likeable, but if you get past the first twenty minutes, you get an intense home invasion slasher with some good chase scenes. I would've liked a bigger group of victims but in context of the premise, it makes sense that there are not that many characters in the house. And director John Hyams already proved with his one woman show "Alone" that he doesn't need many characters to make a thrilling horror movie.

Speaking of the house, it is an amazing location for a slasher and really works in favor of some of the scenes. And there is one scene, set outside of the house, that is very innovative and something i haven't seen in a slasher before. Definitely worth a watch and i hope for something similar in "Scream 6", in terms of chase scenes.

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