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    "Ihr denkt immer nur über euch selber nach und bemerkt andere Menschen gar nicht richtig. Aber ohne andere Menschen ist man einsam."

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    It‘s this movie‘s fault that i can’t go to the parking garage at work without thinking that i might get stalked by a good-looking, psychopathic park ranger. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking, idk.

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  • Malignant



    "Malignant" is probably one of James Wan's most interesting movies. It has his signature style all over it, but is also heavily influenced by Giallo movies from the 70's and this combination works really well. Especially the soundtrack is fantastic. Probably my favorite movie score of the year so far, even if it doesn't always fit, which i think was intentionally.

    Annabelle Wallis does a good job as the lead character and makes the audience feel for her character. The…

  • The Inhabitant

    The Inhabitant


    31 Days of Horror (2022): Day 8

    I only knew Odessa A'zion from the comedy series "Fam" and now she's in two horror movies, released on the same day. Good for her. "The Inhabitant" has a little bit of everything - slasher, coming-of-age story, family drama, an detective investigation, supernatural horror and psychological horror - but nothing is really fleshed out. Odessa A'zion is a good lead, once again, and Leslie Bibb gives a nice performance, too. They could've done more with this premise and the twist is also really obvious, but i didn't mind it.