The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

The Northman is an epic revenge tale, bathed in blood and steeped in gorgeous cinematography. It’s a fairly straightforward story but it’s an absolutely exhilarating theatrical experience. Alexander Skarsgård is perfectly cast and gives one his best performances I’ve seen. Anya Taylor-Joy is similarly perfectly cast. Ethan Hawke is incredible and Willem Dafoe is delightfully weird as always. This film really is a sight to behold, from the aforementioned cinematography, to the action sequences and some dream sequences. The money spent is all magnificently visible on screen. It’s Eggers most accessible feature given it’s a simplistic narrative based on a story you’ve probably seen adapted more than a couple times. Still, this is the kind of film I absolutely love to sink into my seat in the theater and let it wash over me. Highly recommend you check this one out in the theater. I’ve got tickets again for Monday. 😉

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