Spencer ★★★½

Kristen Stewart turns in an awards worthy performance and Pablo Larraín frames everything beautifully. Taking place over the course of a Christmas at the Sandringham Estate, Diana spirals as she feels ever more walled in by the pomp and circumstance. Dolly shots through the halls and grand rooms tracking Stewart’s every movement through her “elegant prison”  look stunning and are embellished by Johnny Greenwood’s impeccable score. At times the film feels a tad one note. Thankfully, a couple poignant moments with Darren, the palace chef (Sean Harris), and Maggie (Sally Hawkins) heighten emotional impact of the film. The people loved Diana and wanted her to survive this life. Which makes this story all the more tragic, knowing that ultimately, she didn’t. 

2021 Ranked

Degrees of Kevin Bacon: 2
1. Kristen Stewart
and Forest Whitaker in Panic Room
2. Forest Whitaker
and Kevin Bacon in The Air I Breathe

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