Sick ★★★½

Really taut and polished slasher that features some tense hand to hand scenes, immpressive handheld camera work and just an overall fun experience. Kevin Williamson, who’s writing credits include the original Scream, injects some of that Scream DNA into this, but also has some fun in this pandemic era setting. The Covid framework might not work for everyone, and I think it limits some of Sick’s longterm appeal (and franchis-ability), but it ties the story together quite nicely. Plus, it’s a brisk 83 minute watch and it’s 10:22 opening just makes the cut for my Long Cold Open list. Fun flick. 

2023 Ranked
The Long Cold Open

Degrees of Kevin Bacon: 2
1. Gideon Adlon
and Michelle Monaghan in The Craft: Legacy
2. Michelle Monaghan
and Kevin Bacon in Patriots Day

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