Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

Everything Everywhere All At Once is indescribably awesome. It’s a family-drama-slash-multiverse-action-scifi-adventure that’s made the jump to ludicrous speed. Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan both give incredible performances switching from comedy to drama to action within seconds. The action choreography is jaw-droppingly good at times. This feels like this would have been a monumental task to edit this film and still maintain a focused narrative and coherent action, but it is pulled together somehow seamlessly. 
I highly recommend seeing this in IMAX.  1. Because it warrants it. 2. Because the theater that I went to (the only one showing it) presented it on a non IMAX screen. So there large black bars on both sides of the screen. Fine. But then for the non-IMAX sequences there were large black bars across the bottom and top as well, making the actual visual image only occupying about 70% of the screen. Just a ton of wasted real estate. So see it in True IMAX if you can. 
My only other issue is the film does feel a bit too long. Some of the “bits”, while very funny, were repeated a few too many times. Please chalk these up as minor gripes. 
Have been very impressed with Daniels films. I’m always hesitant to recommend The Death of Dick Long because of the nature of it’s plot (IYKYK), but it’s an underrated gem, in my opinion. (and based on a weird true story).

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