Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★½

Yes! Really loved this. Rachel Sennott  steals every scene, kills with every line delivery. (If you haven’t seen her in Shiva Baby, what are you doing here?). 
First, props to the Seattle audience that applauded when the Nicole Kidman pledge came on, and continued to clap throughout…..My people. Second, I watched with @BenGrayeyard and this is definitely a fun one to watch with friends. 
It’s an extremely fun and blood soaked murder mystery, that takes more than it’s fair share of jabs at our internet-infused, self-obsessed culture. The characters are all very well realized thanks to excellent casting. The aforementioned, Sennott was a standout, of course, but Amandla Stenberg was also absolutely magnetic. 
Above all else, though, Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is a really well written whodunnit that had me guessing almost to the very end. Highly recommend and definitely recommend to go with a bunch of friends. 

Note: I asked my wife if she wanted to see a movie. She asked “What movie?” (She hates horror and slashers) When I told her what it was she googled it and then pretended to naively spoil who the killer was.  She got me. Well done 👏🏻👏🏻  

2022 Ranked 

Degrees of Kevin Bacon: 2
1. Amandla Stenberg
and Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games
2. Jennifer Lawrence
and Kevin Bacon in X-Men: First Class
(This should get trimmed to 1 degree when/if Leave the World Behind releases. See Anticipated Unreleased Films)

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