Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity ★★★★

Spent most of the movie freaking out because I had the most searing form of deja vu ever. There are scenes in this movie (the meticulous planning of the crime, the meeting in the snack aisle, the general plot) that I felt are copied whole cloth in other movies.

But then I was all "oh wait, it's probably a Simpsons episode." That happens a lot in my rewatches of early cinema. The Simpsons was how I made jokes about Citizen Kane without knowing what the movie is actually about as a kid. There IS an episode with insurance fraud (the great ep about Moe falling in love and then sinking the yacht with the policeman's ball happening on it) But it didn't sync up perfectly the way it did in my head.

Can you help? Do you know what movies pay homage to this a little too much? I was thinking maybe it happened in a French Mellville movie maybe? I really don't know but it's driving me crazy. Sort of possible I just watched this on TCM while home upstate one weekend, but that's doubtful.

Anyway, I really liked this moody noir, and am really falling in love with Barbara Stanwyck. More movies with her tricking dopes please.

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