PlayTime ★★★★

PlayTime is a bizarre comedy from the 1960's. While it is easy to see the appeal of this movie, the film feels outdated and rather boring at times. For starters, it is classified as a comedy, but there aren't many moments that induce laughter from the audience. The comedic effect is supposed to come from the randomness of the story, but the humor may fall flat to some. It would be hard to tell this was a comedy if you didn't have prior knowledge of the film's genre. This speaks to how genres change over time and the genre of comedy has clearly left films like PlayTime behind. The film can also be very boring at times because it lacks direction and a true narrative. While some people may enjoy this style of storytelling, it is not everyone's cup of tea. For example, there are many moments in this film where nothing is said for minutes at a time and the camera just focusses on random people walking around. This is not to say that the film is bad, it has some good moments and the mise-en-scene is visually appealing. Unfortunately, Playtime is a product of its time and it is a bit of a stretch to consider this a comedy when viewing it through a modern lens. 

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