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This review may contain spoilers.

I had heard of Moonlight before but this was my first time ever sitting down and watching it. One aspect of the movie that I really liked were the time skips from childhood to high school and from high school to adulthood. This concept was interesting because it kept things fresh while also allowing us to see how Chiron developed over the years. Each time there was a time skip, it had me intrigued on how the other characters were doing and how they changed in the meantime. It is also a more realistic way of writing in character development because as someone in class said, it's sometimes hard to believe that a character significantly changed in 2 hours of real time. What I found very interesting was how Chiron essentially grows up and becomes Juan as an adult. We see how much he looked up to Juan as a kid and it all comes full circle with the last time skip. He dresses like Juan, has the same job, and even drives a car the same way as him. Essentially, the time skips were executed perfectly to showcase Chiron's upbringing and how that influenced the person he eventually became.