I Still Hide to Smoke

I Still Hide to Smoke ★★★★★

À mon âge je me cache encore pour fumer is a feminist film that focusses on the women of a community in Algeria. They live in a country that is in turmoil where terrorist attacks are common and the water frequently goes out. Also this is a country where women face both political and social discrimination. The bath house acts as a sort of safe haven that shelters the women from the craziness and harsh reality of the world they live in. They are free to talk to one another and express their honest feelings without fear of judgement or persecution. The majority of the film is spent in the bathhouse and allows the viewer to listen in on their conversations. The director's use of these scenes helps create a sense of female comradery. Basically, À mon âge je me cache encore pour fumer takes the viewer into the lives of these oppressed women and allows them to feel sympathy and relate with the characters from the film. The film takes a feminist approach but it in a subtle "show don't tell" way that is remarkable.  

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