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This review may contain spoilers.

The film La noire de takes us into the mind of Diouana, an African girl who moved to France to work as a maid. This film gives us insight into what Diouana is thinking and explores her feelings of isolation and contempt for her boss. The film primarily takes place at the house in France where Diouana works. Throughout the film, Diouana states that she feels trapped and all she knows about France is the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. This sentiment is reflected by the fact that the audience also only gets to see the inside of the house in France and nothing more. The kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom is also quite cramped which creates a sense of claustrophobia and isolation. Imagine someone gave you a free trip to Paris, but upon getting there you are told that you have to stay in the hotel at all times. That is essentially how Diouana is feeling. It also does not help that her boss constantly orders her around and says rude things to her. There is a toxic dynamic between the boss and Diouana because the boss views herself as superior to Diouana. One of the boss's guests even compares Diouana to an animal which echoes this idea that the boss thinks she do whatever she wants to Diouana. Throughout the film, the viewer constantly sees Diouana get abused by her boss and the effect this has on Diouana's thoughts. One can not help but feel bad for Diouana and disdain for her employer. Basically, Le noire de does a great job at showing how Diouana is feeling and allowing the audience to relate to her.