The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★½

Likely to be more divisive than people are currently anticipating, since, I'd argue, the film's initial wave of praise is tied to confusion à la "I don't know what to make of this thing, so clearly I must love it," with a healthy dose of eager early adopters. Undeniably beautiful, but empty – my same vague, borderline meaningless criticism of many crowd favorites, e.g. High Life, Blade Runner 2049, etc. so maybe I’ll just be firmly planted in another small group of outliers – and not nearly as shocking or funny as it should be. Apart from the alluring compositions, it's just not very interesting – more goofy than anything else. Dafoe is fantastic, but Pattinson turns in the worst performance I’ve seen from him this side of the Twilight saga. I’d almost prefer to hate this, because any kind of stronger reaction would have been better than a tepid "eh," but it just left me numb, unfortunately.

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