The Mummy's Hand

The Mummy's Hand ★★½

Franchise reboots are at least as old as The Mummy’s Hand. Nobody is back from the 1932 Boris Karloff/Karl Freund/Zita Yohann Universal original. It’s also not the A-lister that the original was, The Mummy’s Hand is seriously a B picture.

The California hills pose as a poor stand-in for Egypt. But hey, this is Hollywood 1940, just put a fez on a dude and he’s a North African. A lot of low grade comedy and unnecessary plot developments round this one out. Also oodles of implicit racism “silly native superstition” run par for the course.

Interestingly the bad guys are native folk fighting to protect their historical artifacts, and the mummy kills the colonialists and treasure hunters. Though this doesn’t stop them from being the bad guys.

The mummy himself (Tom Tyler) looks super cool thanks to the uncredited Jack Pierce. But he doesn’t get shambling until pretty late in the picture and doesn’t have a ton to do. Still, this would inspire three more sequels.

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