Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½

“Stop Offering Me Damn Cigarettes! I’m Ten!”

This film was directed Taika Waititi and stars Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie, Scarlet Johansson, Taika Waititi, and San Rockwell

Taika Waititi is a brilliant man, his screenplay is genius, his directing is perfection, and his acting is top notch. All of the cast is superb but young Roman Griffin Davis is particularly amazing, he gives an incredible child performance. The way Taika Waititi puts comedy into films is really amazing, it never feels forced and pretty much every joke gets at least a chuckle out of me. This is a very deep coming of age story that very creatively depicts a young boy's struggle between believing what he is taught to be true and the truth he experiences in his own life.

I watched the trailer before I watched the film to see what I was getting myself into and it really made it seem like the movie was a complete comedy, I came to realize while watching that this movie is much more than that, at times this movie will leave you in absolute disgust by how a society can be so cruel so easily. Scarlett Johansson is really fantastic in the film, I’ve seen a good amount of her movies and she still hasn’t turned in a bad performance.

“F*ck off Hitler!”

Michael Giacchino’s score is magnificent, it’s very upbeat and exciting, it’s also very different which I can really appreciate. Obviously what the happened to Jews during WWII was terrible, but this movie does an excellent job of showing the way the Nazi's viewed Jews and what they believed about them, but in doing so this film was able to make enough humor out of it to where it was fun to watch. It’s rare to find a movie that can incorporate horrible events with humor and be able to pull it off well. This is a really beautiful movie, please watch it.

Overall Taika Waititi did a PHENOMENAL job with this film, he’s been doing some incredible work lately and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he does next.


“You Were Chosen By A Pathetic Little Man Who Can't Even Grow A Full Mustache”

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